Watch While We Wait

From our homes to yours during this extended intermission.

We look forward to presenting live shows again. Until then, here are Anchorage fan favorites, artists that we hope to bring to Alaska, and videos that are too awesome to miss. All hand-selected by Anchorage Concert Association staff.

We know this digital offering pales in comparison to the experience of sitting in a crowded theatre. But there are upsides. You can drink whatever you want. You actually don’t have to get dressed up, or dressed at all for that matter. We invite you to take some time, watch while we wait and remind yourself how good live shows are. Think back to the last show you saw. Think about the applause. Imagine all that as you watch the show on your phone, laptop or streaming television device.

We'll update the series on a regular basis so check back later to see what we share next.


-From all of us at Anchorage Concert Association