17/18 Season

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Feb 20-25

Little Shop of Horrors

A deviously delicious horror comedy rock musical, Little Shop of Horrors has devoured the hearts of theatregoers for more than 30 years. {more}

March 2-11

William, Inc.

William, an Alaska Native professional with a high-pressure job, forms a Native corporation inside his head, but the board of directors gets out of control and starts hijacking his real life. {more}

March 2

International Guitar Night

Each year different guitar luminaries collaborate for original evenings of solos, duets, and quartets that highlight virtuosity and diversity in the acoustic guitar world. {more}

March 9


Taiko is passionate, fluid and fiery, a thrill you can feel in your veins with every beat. {more}

March 10

The Quebe Sisters

The Quebe Sisters are Americana flavored with retro country and western swing, with multi-part harmonies and tremendous fiddle playing. {more}

March 16

The Capitol Steps

Before The Daily Show, Full Frontal, and The Colbert Report, this Washington, DC-based comedy troupe gave audiences laugh cramps with their bipartisan lampooning. {more}

March 24


One of the biggest names in Celtic music internationally, they’re renowned for live performances which match dazzling sets of tunes with stunning interpretations of traditional songs. {more}

April 3-8

Menopause The Musical

This joyful musical parody set to classic tunes from the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s will have you cheering and dancing. {more}

April 13


The rambunctious, horn-driven band’s compositions meld funk, soul, jazz, hip-hop, R&B and rock. {more}

April 24-29


Cabaret is the Tony Award-winning musical about following your heart while the world loses its way. {more}

April 27 - May 6

Cyrano de Bergerac

Poet and soldier Cyrano de Bergerac is clever, charming, and disarming; he uses both pen and sword to protect and woo the sweet Roxanne straight into the arms of his fellow solder. {more}

May 12

Pink Martini

“Pink Martini is a rollicking around-the-world musical adventure.” – the words of Thomas Lauderdale, the group’s bandleader and pianist. {more}

May 25-27

The Snow Child

A couple struggling to homestead in 1920s Alaska is visited by a mysterious girl who embodies the wild woods surrounding them in this magical new play combining backcountry roots music and contemporary musical theatre. {more}