Kaumakaiwa Kanaka'ole

Aloha state of mind

Friday, Jan. 25, 2019

7:30 p.m. // Discovery Theatre

Kaumakaiwa Kanaka'ole (pronounced Kao-mah-kah-EE-vah Kah-nah-kah-OH-ley) knows her roots, and she savors and celebrates them.

Heralded as the emerging voice of Hawaii's new generation, her songs and chants in her native language are steeped in the island's lush landscape, her heritage, and her history. From a family whose contributions to Hawaiian art and culture stretch back eight matrilineal generations, Kanaka'ole's range is as remarkable as Hawaii's ancient traditions. She deftly transitions from booming contralto to sharp soprano − she calls the latter her "skinny girl voice" − and also incorporates dance.

Her performances range from soulful to sly as she sprinkles her songs with playful commentary and storytelling. Award-winning musician and producer Shawn Pimental accompanies her on guitar and backup vocals.

Transport yourself to the islands with this remarkable and riveting performer.
Tickets start at $32 for adults and $24 for youth 18 and under with a subscription of 3 or more shows. Tickets for just this show start at $40.25 for adults and $30.50 for youth.
“Kanaka'ole … vaulted through various registers and timbres, from bass to witchy contralto rasp to sweet soprano, ... a traditionalist tour de force.” –The New York Times

Cultural treasure
An island escape 

Deep Hawaiian roots and immense talent
Primal power of hula

Connection to land and life