Kalani Pe’a

Soothing island songbird

Friday, Jan. 31, 2020

7:30 p.m. // Discovery Theatre

Like the warm waters that surround his home in Maui, the music of Hawaiian singer Kalani Pe’a comforts, relaxes, and transports you into peacefulness.

The two-time Grammy winner is influenced by Hawaiian music, but he isn’t a strict traditionalist. He grew up listening to roots music and R&B, and both feature strongly in his sound. Pe’a’s lyrics champion island identity and culture, and he sings in Hawaiian and English – hitting notes as high as Mauna Kea’s peak.

Self-described as “Hawaiian contemporary soul,” he sings with a passion that’s as inspirational as his personal story. Singing helped Pe’a conquer a childhood speech impediment, and he has embraced art ever since. Let Pe’a wash over you like lapping shoreline waves.

A bit of Hawaiian heaven
Island escape

One of Hawai’i’s brightest new stars

Warm embrace of aloha

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