Unit Souzou

21st century taiko

Friday, Mar. 21, 2025

7:30pm // Discovery Theatre

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With relentless rhythms and mesmerizing movements, the ancient Japanese art of taiko has captivated the senses for 12,000 years. Today Portland-based crew Unit Souzou forges new taiko traditions through their expressive blend of taiko, dance, song, and personal stories.  

In Japanese, ‘Souzou’ can be written in three ways meaning ‘creation’, ‘imagination’, or ‘noisy’, alluding to a force that births new ideas. Inspired by these words, Unit Souzou honors the history and roots of taiko while creating imaginative original works. With their latest performance, Constant State of Otherness, these poignant percussionists explore identity and our longing to belong and be part of something bigger.  

With Unit Souzou, you’ll feel the thrill resonate with every beat. 

Musical Passport 
Cultural Exchange 
Family-friendly Night Out 

Relentless resonance of voice, drum, and movement 
“Combustible fusion of dazzling dancing and drumming” -The Oregonian 
Immersive and unforgettable experience full of passion and purpose 

Raw energy 
Desire to learn 
A sense of belonging