Quinn Christopherson & Nick Carpenter Tiny Desk Concert

The 2019 Tiny Desk Concert Winner

I can't remember the first time I heard Quinn and Nick playing music together. It was probably a gallery opening or in a living room. Somewhere they were performing for free and just having a good time. Their artistry and connection when they play is just so personal. They write and sing from the heart. When we programmed the 2018 New Standards show, I was so excited to have Quinn perform. And standing at the edge of the Discovery Theatre stage he made the whole audience feel like they were at a house concert. That's just what he does - he draws you in. He won the 2019 Tiny Desk Concert contest and I was impressed once again, with their ability to know great musicians when they hear them. Check out this Tiny Desk Concert and you'll see what I mean.

- Becky Kendall, Community Collaborator


Isn't collaboration wonderful?