Straight No Chaser - Lean on Me

Wowing audiences online and in person

It was so many years ago I can't remember when the agent for Straight No Chaser first pitched to me to get the group to Alaska. I loved the name and the idea. Then I tried to pursue. It was the 12 Days of Christmas video that launched them to stardom, and my pursuit had to wait. So for years I would beg to get them to Alaska, but there were bigger, warmer venues to play. Then the time came. October of 2017 they stormed Anchorage and wowed the audience. Straight No Chaser was a crowd favorite from the first song and remains one of the best received shows we've presented. For weeks after the show, people would gush at me how much the LOVED Straight No Chaser. I'm so excited that they will be returning to Alaska in the near future.

- Jason Hodges, Executive Director