A Bit of Hawaiian Heaven

Friday, November 11, 2016

Discovery Theatre

HAPA is “Hawaii’s hottest group” according to Billboard. They’re a musical duo from the Aloha State: one, a member of South Pacific Ancestry, the other, a guy from Jersey. Together, their sound evokes the unique flavor of the Pacific. The passion and serenity of their music are expressed through the majestic tones of the oli (chant), mele (song), and exhilarating guitar skills – which rock icon Stephen Stills described as “masterful.” The L.A. Times calls HAPA’s sound “beautiful, fragile, spiritual, powerful...” The duo’s original vocal sound originated in the early 1980s on a wooden picnic bench in the beach town of Lahaina, Maui. It has travelled far in 30 years. And now, you can experience the HAPA sound right here in Anchorage.

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