Lula Washington Dance Theatre makes a difference through dance

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Imagine your routine as you head out for the day. What is your commute like? How does the weather affect it? Do you worry about your safety? Those who depend on public transportation may have different answers than those fortunate enough to own vehicles.

HOME | Connecting Communities & Breaking Down Walls explores transportation issues of newcomers in Anchorage, including refugees who have had to flee their countries of origin due to persecution and war, and what makes a community home. Anchorage Concert Association is partnering with Catholic Social Services Refugee and Immigration Services (RAIS), L.A.-based Lula Washington Dance Theatre (LWDT), and local artists and community members to create solutions through a performing arts perspective.

“We need creative solutions to solve social service issues, and we need basic support from community in order for arts to thrive. We need each other.” – Lisa Aquino, Executive Director of Catholic Social Services

This project connects people across cultures, generations, and experiences in a series of events aimed to get people talking, dancing, listening, and imaging. What role do the arts play in making Anchorage a safer and more connected city? Lula Washington Dance Theatre artists will visit Anchorage throughout the year for workshops, interviews, and community activities that will culminate in a final presentation April 27, 2019.

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A celebration of World Refugee Day at the International Gardens in Mountain View


Project lead and Associate Director Tamica Washington-Miller with a student at the Mt.View Boys & Girls Club


Participants from a special workshop at the Mt. View Boys Club including students, RAIS staff, and RAIS clients.

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The Global Village Experience highlights projects and work being done on pedestrian safety and transportation in Anchorage, including:

This project was made possible through a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.