Request for Proposals – New Logo

Anchorage Concert Association is seeking proposals to design a new logo for the organization. We are looking for a graphic designer and/or marketing agency to collaborate with Anchorage Concert Association to design a logo, to be implemented with our 70th season announcement in April 2020. Learn more.

Deadline for proposals is Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2020.

Contact Laura Carpenter with questions.


Questions received

Q: The RFP mentioned collaborating with your in-house art department, and I am wondering how you all envision this collaboration? Will the in-house design team be working on the logo design themselves concurrently with the hired contractor?
A: We have a graphic designer on staff who will be part of the consultation and creative direction. She will not be designing a logo simultaneously. We would like the creative freedom to adapt the final logo as necessary/desired in the future.

Q: Our process generally covers overall brand. Would you like that as well? What about fonts and color palette?
A: Right now, we are looking for only a new logo. We will share the brand research we’ve been doing separately with the selected designer. If design calls for additional brand work (ie, colors, fonts) and that work fits within the specified budget, we will consider it.