Turning strangers into friends

Creating community

Create connections with the performing arts

A message from our customer service manager:

As a nearly life-long Alaskan, one of the things I love best about our state is the feeling of community - chatting in line at the grocery store, helping out a neighbor stuck in the snow, or even just a friendly smile and nod while walking through downtown Anchorage. One of my favorite phrases to describe Alaska is that we’re “the biggest small town in the nation,” and nowhere is that idea more tangible to me than when I’m in the theatre.

Oftentimes, as the customer service manager for Anchorage Concert Association, I get caught up in the phone calls, seating charts, tickets, and all the nitty-gritty details that shape most of my work days during a season.

However, the minute I walk through the doors of the PAC and feel the excited energy of a room full of friends I haven’t met yet, I am reminded of the magic that I get to be a part of creating.

The magic of connection. Laughing, tapping our toes, and feeling moved by a beautiful piece of music, together in the dark. These experiences join us regardless of where we came from or where we’re going after the curtain falls and the lights come up.

Building community

I love those moments when, standing in line for a beer or picking up my coat, I hear someone say, “Did you see that?!” or, “Wow, that was so funny!”, and I get to express my joy or amazement with another person who, until that very minute, was a stranger in a crowd.

Suddenly, we’re not strangers anymore.

We’re people sharing a little bit of ourselves with one another, nurturing the sense of community that makes this state such an incredible place to call home.

I’m so grateful that my job with Anchorage Concert Association gives me the opportunity to share and connect with so many of you throughout the season, and I can’t wait for the next show we’ll get to enjoy together!

Tabitha Titus
Customer Service Manager
Anchorage Concert Association