Versa-Style Dance Company Motivates Through Movement

Versa Style Dance Company
“Hip is to know, it's a form of intelligence. To be hip is to be update and relevant. Hop is a form of movement. You can't just observe a hop, you gotta hop up and do it. Hip and hop is more than music. Hip is the knowledge, hop is the movement. Hip and Hop is intelligent movement.” – KRS One

Versa-Style Dance Company is bringing Alaskans together through dance and empowering our community through movement and hip-hop culture. After Versa-Style’s inspiring performance and outreach events in 2017, Anchorage Concert Association brought the award-winning dancers back to Alaska several times this year to share knowledge, build support, and connect Alaska hip-hop leaders and educators.

Earlier this year, Anchorage Concert Association sent four Anchorage hip-hop leaders to Los Angeles to be part of Versa-Style’s annual summer hip-hop festival. The Alaskans connected with international legends and masters in their field. Inspired to bring that energy back to Alaska, these artists and leaders created the A-Town Community Hip-Hop Jam. The collaborative event, held in October at two different Anchorage studios, inspired hundreds of people of all ages to celebrate hip-hop dance together with workshops, dance battles, performance, and fun.

“The A-Town Jam surpassed all my expectations! So many folks showed up and together we began the healing process – healing for unity, healing for community, healing for safe spaces, but most importantly, healing for oneself. The diversity under one roof was truly beautiful to witness! I’m humbled by the beauty that we as a community can create.” – Jackie Lopez, Versa-Style Dance Company co-founder

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