What to do when a show is sold out

Seats are filling up fast

Tickets all gone for your favorite show? You still may have a chance to snag a great seat.

1. Subscribe and subscribe early

This route may be too late for the current sold out show, but for future shows and seasons, know that Anchorage Concert Association subscribers not only get first access to all of our shows, but we also save great seats for subscribers throughout the season.

2. Look at other seating sections or performance times

Center orchestra section is full? Take a look at seating areas to the left or right, or higher up in the mezzanine or balcony. Or if the show is running for more than one performance, look at the seating maps for other show times. For Broadway shows, weekday and Sunday night performances often have more available seats than Friday and Saturday performances (and often lower ticket prices, too).

3. Join the event on Facebook

Tap “interested” or “going” in the official Facebook event to receive notifications and helpful information about the show, including if more seats open up.

4. Stay alert on the day of the show

Seats often become available the day of the show for various reasons, such as technical holds that aren’t needed or if the artist isn’t using all of their tickets to a show. Contact the CenterTix box office for seating options, to upgrade your seats, or to purchase “house seats.”

Can’t use your tickets?
Please let CenterTix know so they can release your seats (907-263-ARTS). You won’t get a refund, but you could make someone waiting for a seat very happy. If you donate your tickets back, we will gladly offer you a tax receipt for your in-kind contribution. And if you’re a subscriber, remember, you can exchange your tickets for another Anchorage Concert Association show up to 24 hours before the show begins.

Anchorage Concert Association and CenterTix box office are the only authorized sellers of tickets to Anchorage Concert Association shows.