Where did the idea for Frogz come from?

Leap into joy!

Q&A with Frogz Co-Creator Jerry Mouawad

The New York Times heralded Imago Theatre’s Frogz as a “mastery of mime, dance and acrobatics... inspired fun!”

In advance of Imago Theatre’s return to Anchorage, Frogz co-creator Jerry Mouawad answered a few questions with Anchorage Concert Association about this breathtaking theatrical treat has mesmerized more than a million people worldwide.

Where did the idea for Frogz come from?
It was Carol Triffle (Artistic Co-Director) and myself exploring the teachings of Jacques Lecoq and the use of the mask that led to Frogz. After we studied with him we began to explore mask and creature theater.

Why do think the show still resonates with audiences after almost three decades? (1979 was the first piece)
It’s so universal – the imagery, the antics, the underlying social tones, the humor – all which can appeal to children and adults, and to all nationalities. Wordless is also what gives the work its universal appeal.

Some pieces are both simple and entrancing. How do you manage that?
Trial and error and lots of it. I would say for every dollar that went into the show, ten dollars ended on the editing room floor. For every minute on stage, there would be 10 minutes of material that was cut. For every month of rehearsal, there were ten months of rehearsal of pieces that never made it the stage.

What do you hope audiences take away from this show?
Whatever they wish. It's that kind of experience. You can take "just go old fashion fun" or "wasn't that something multilayered with sophisticated levels of artistry with dance, acrobatics, mime, theatre and illusion."

Do any Alaska animals make their appearance in Frogz?
Do you have penguins?

Anything else you’d like to add?
It's like no other show!

Awaken your curiosity and take a trip to the zoo – on a yet-to-be discovered planet – with Frogz.