Where's my brochure?

Live shows are on hold. Connection is not.

We look forward to announcing next season. Until then, we offer something to watch while we wait, together at home

We will be back after this intermission

A message from our executive director:


In recent weeks, I’ve shared the parts of my job that I love the most, like standing on stage delivering welcoming remarks and walking through the lobby on show night shaking hands and thanking people for attending. Add to that list of favorites my job of announcing a new season.

Ordinarily this time of year, Anchorage Concert Association staff are asked nearly everywhere we go, “Where’s my brochure? When are you announcing the season?” We love these questions because they remind us how much you love what we do. You want to know what shows are coming. You want to make plans to attend those shows during the upcoming winter. We would answer you with a date when the brochure would be hitting the mail or letting you know when to expect the season announcement online.

As you know, these are not ordinary times.

As much as I want to share Anchorage Concerts’ season of events with you, we are unable to do so right now.

Because of coronavirus, we are without clear guidelines from our health officials about public gathering sizes in Anchorage and travel restrictions to and from Alaska. Without that knowledge, we are not able to make formal announcements about shows for the fall.

As soon as we know how big crowds can be, what social distancing guidelines might look like, when artists can travel in and out of Alaska without having to quarantine for 14-days, and once we have clear safety measures from our partners at the PAC, we will announce our concerts and events to you.

Guitar rests on a couch with lights behind it

It's not the same, but there are a few benefits to watching concerts from home.

Everyone who is involved in presenting and producing concerts and events in our community is working very hard to provide you with the safest concert-going environment possible. We are exploring all the options that will allow us to safely bring you back into the concert hall to experience the magic of live performance.

So, since we cannot gather together in person, we ARE going to announce the Watch While We Wait Series, a selection of online videos and concerts we curated just for you. We’ve pulled together some artists we hope to bring to Alaska, some fan favorites from recent seasons, and some awesome videos that are just fun and will inspire and entertain you.

I know this digital offering pales in comparison to the experience of sitting in a crowded theatre. But there are upsides. You can drink whatever you want. You actually don’t have to get dressed up, or dressed at all for that matter. We invite you to take some time and watch while we wait and remind yourself how good Anchorage Concert Association shows are. Think back to the last show you saw. Think about the applause. Imagine all that as you watch the show on your phone, laptop or streaming television device.

For now, our Watch While We Wait Series will have to do until we can announce our actual season. The show will go on. I promise you. We will sit in a darkened theatre, feel the thrill of the music, and applaud as the show ends. There is no doubt in my mind that we will gather again.

Jason Hodges
Executive Director
Anchorage Concert Association