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A Call for artists

Anchorage Concert Association seeks local artists to participate in a short-term project that connects with communities throughout Anchorage while social events, venues, and performances remain limited due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Initiative Description

The mission of the Anchorage Concert Association is to inspire and enhance community through the performing arts. ACA has presented acclaimed artists from the entire spectrum of the performing arts, both nationally and internationally, since 1950. With the belief that the arts benefit everyone and create a more vibrant and healthy community, ACA’s public performances and community events entertain, uplift, educate and inspire audiences, students, and local artists. Anchorage Concert Association is exploring creative community engagement techniques to facilitate art and audience safely during the COVID-19 crisis.

Since 2015, ACA has been developing community engagement through the framework of the civic practice model, initially working with the Center For Performance And Civic Practice. This framework is an arts-based, community-led process that allows artists and communities to co-design projects for greater impact. As ACA continues to navigate the effects of COVID-19 pandemic on traditional performing arts programming, it has also identified an opportunity for Alaskan artists to positively impact Anchorage communities and neighborhoods during the darkest months of the year.  

ACA seeks Alaskan artists to develop a short-term and immediate project that, while following physical distancing guidelines, builds community and provides opportunities for Anchorage residents to experience the power of the arts. Selected artists will work with Anchorage Concert Association’s Community Collaborator to develop an arts-based activity to connect with residents of a particular community or neighborhood. The goal of this program is to build relationships and encourage social and safe connections during the winter months. 

These projects are meant to be:

  • Short term  
  • Co-created in partnership with communities or neighborhoods
  • A way to encourage social and safe connection

The central questions for artists to consider: 

With what community or neighborhood do you have an existing connection that we can collaboratively strengthen through this project for the benefit of that community or neighborhood?

  • How can we work together with and in these communities to determine and address a need through the arts
  • How do we engage communities in deep and meaningful ways that also follow social distancing guidelines?
  • How do we address communities’ access (or lack of access) to technology?
  • How can we implement this project quickly?
  • If our solution is virtual, how can we encourage participation and build community?

Initiative Details

  • Application Open - November 16, 2020
  • Application Deadline - December 16, 2020
  • Project Timeline - January 1, 2021 - March 1, 2021*

*Project timelines may vary with events happening only once or could expand over the entire two month timeframe. 

  • Workspace - Artists will be responsible for their own workspace and must follow physical distancing guidelines throughout the project. 
  • Planning - Artists will coordinate with Anchorage Concert Association staff and other community or neighborhood members to determine community needs and discuss goals and deliverables. The project is open to any media or form but should follow a civic practice model where the artist and community co-design the arts and culture-based intervention. 
  • Additional Support - As a partner in these projects, ACA staff will work with each artist to determine needs for additional support. This may include but is not limited to; technology, space use, materials and supplies, translation or interpretation, community connections, marketing, budgeting, etc. 
  • Evaluation - At the end of this project, artists will submit a brief report detailing how funds were used, how the project addressed the stated challenges, and measurable outcomes.

Is This Project Right For You?

Anchorage Concert Association seeks local artists whose creative practice reflects a desire to work collaboratively and within a community context. 


Do you bring a creative and/or cultural practice to your work?

Can you engage diverse groups of people to participate in a community project?

Can you connect groups in dialogue and conversation in non-traditional ways?

Can you identify and cultivate creativity in others?

Can you develop and execute creative projects in which the community is an active collaborator?

Can you work with people from diverse backgrounds?

Can you effectively manage projects and partnerships?

Additional Details 


  • This call is open to all Alaskan for projects that will occur within the Municipality of Anchorage
  • Applicants must be able to receive taxable income in the United States regardless of their citizenship status.


Project budget / Payment schedule

  • The total project budget is $1,000. Applicants will be asked to provide a brief outline of their project budget in the application. 
  • Payment Schedule
  • 50% of these funds will be dispersed at the start of the project. 
  • 50% will be paid at the conclusion.
  • Payment schedule is flexible depending on project scope and needs.


Applications can be submitted electronically through this form. Additional support can be requested by emailing Community Collaborator, Becky Kendall at or leave a message at  907-272-1471.


Contact Becky Kendall at or leave  a message at 907-272-1471.

Artist Application