Perseverance Theatre’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

The madness is in the system

Feb. 28-March 9, 2020

Sydney Laurence Theatre

Looking for an angle, charismatic convicted conman Randle P. McMurphy gets himself transferred to Nurse Ratched’s mental ward to serve his time. He stages a rebellion, witnessed by Chief Bromden and enthusiastically joined by his fellow patients. Ratched’s ultimate victory — it can end no other way — comes at great cost to herself, to McMurphy and his comrades, and to the whole system confining them all. A counter-cultural icon, Cuckoo’s Nest remains shocking today.

Adapted by Dale Wasserman from Ken Kesey’s novel
Presented by Perseverance Theatre

A wild ride

Engaging classic American literature on stage

Your classmates and your curiosity

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Tickets start at $39 adult and $19 youth with an Anchorage Concert Association subscription of three or more shows. Tickets for just this show start at $49.75 adult, $24 youth and will go on sale Aug. 1.